My name is Cherri and I am a Stylish Working Mama (SWM). I'm not the only one. Oh no. I'm just one of many. Some I have the privilege of knowing, but most I do not. Still we inspire each other and share a common goal: to embrace working mamahood in style. And, we're not just talking about our clothes. It's a mindset. It's an attitude. It's...a way of life. It. Is. An. Ethos.

The Stylish Working Mama was born from the notion that most motherhood blogs are written by and for mamas who work inside the home (aka stay at home mom). There is absolutely nothing wrong with stay at home moms, but I am not one, I failed miserably when I tried to do it and quite frankly, I cannot relate to the blogs of that focus.

There can be many reasons for an SWM. Me, personally, I'm an SWM because I need to pay the bills AND quite frankly I was going mad while home on maternity leave. SWMs, while it may not be popular and run the risk of being damned by society, will own the fact that they need more to be personally fulfilled.

Whether we spend our days selling real estate, saving lives, doing deals, teaching America's youth, designing skyscrapers, flying planes or running businesses, rest assured, the most favorite part of all of our days is when those little arms wrap around you and say: I love you mama.

SWMs typically kick asses, take names and call the shots. I am an SWM and I am damn proud. SWM with me @ thestylishworkingmama@gmail.com