Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Closet Project: It's Still Happening

It is SLLLLLOOOOWWWWLLLYYYYY but surely. You'll recall the whole purpose of The Closet Project was to transform my side of our walk-in closet into my own, very favorite store. I can honestly say since embarking on this project, I have spent far less money on clothes than I used to. Now that I've tackled displaying the bags, showcased my accessories and seriously edited my wardrobe down to my favorite pieces, I really do feel like I'm shopping my closet. I had so many great pieces I plain just couldn't see because my closet was so full of crap and unorganized. Now I can see everything I own and can mix and match away. But, I'm still not finished.....

The next part I'm working on is finding really cool pieces to display my shoes on/in, all while doing double duty hiding my tanks, skinnies, undies, socks, tights, bras, etc. So here's the latest two additions to my closet:

This piece from Crate & Barrel circa 2001 was in one of our upstairs guest rooms. I brought it downstairs to the closet and have it positioned in the corner by the doorway into our laundry room. I have it showcasing some of my black, grey and white shoes. The drawer conveniently hides my camisoles. 

This bench I picked up on the super cheap from TJ Homegoods. Upon it sits two other pieces I picked up from Homegoods. One houses my socks and tights while the other my undies and such. The shoe theme that these pieces showcase are my metallics, which as of late have been my most often go-to neutral. I really like the finished look of this. 

I'm heading to the Gypsy Chic Antique Pop Up Shop that happens once a month in my town on Thursday to look for any cool, cheap pieces that would be good for more shoe displays. We'll see what I find. Check out my previous Closet Project posts to see how this is all coming together, again slowly but surely! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Spring Training Made Us Professionals

March needless to say was a BUSY month filled with emotions, new activities, family travel, business travel, new schools and so much more. The stories will unfold naturally over the course of the next few months, but for now, my favorite story from March was our family trip to Phoenix for Spring Training. It was always a dream of Alex's to go, and I was happy I was able to surprise him with the trip. He is such a wonderful father and husband and I tell him this every day. I couldn't live the life I do without him. Even though I tell him every day, and I do, it's probably the single most important thing I do on a daily basis, I wanted to take it one step further to show my appreciation for him as a person. Spring Training was it. Have you ever experienced a grown man getting to see a childhood wish come true? It's effing awesome.

March 14 - 16 we headed to Phoenix for Spring Training. Flights were free on Southwest since I travel so much, we stayed at a Comfort Suites right near ASU, and just thoroughly enjoyed all Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale had to offer. Xander loved the ASU campus, enjoyed running a mock in Scottsdale and of course absolutely was GIDDY over watching the As at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. I was a little disappointed I didn't see Beane, but I survived.

It was a great family weekend with tons of family friendly things to do. The Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Children's Museum were also on our list but we just ran out of time. We already know that next year we're going to return, but see at least one more game and stay at least one more day. Way too much fun to be had for only a weekend!

Loving AZ already when a Paradise Bakery greets me off the plane. Lemon Zester please!

Upon landing we were starving and hit up Oregano's on a recommendation from an ASU alum. 
Did NOT disappoint! 

"Would your little boy like some pizza dough to play with?" Uh, yeah. 

My salad.

The orgasmic and pornographic cheesy garlic bread. 

Pomegranate Margarita

Put me in coach....

Play Ball!

Oh say can you see........

Can I get a Xander with my Kettle Corn please?

This is so much fun I just can't believe I'm here!!!

Mama's baseball game chow mein that.....

Xander scarfed.

Scottsdale bridge.

Scottsdale public art.

I love my baseball hat. 

Time to head home. Can't wait for next year! Maybe we can manage an Angels game too!