Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stitch Fix 2.0

I received my second Stitch Fix on Saturday, and I couldn't wait to get home from the Bay and tear right into it! Okay, so, so many great things. My stylist nails it. She nails it SO well, that one of the pieces I already had! Hahahahaha! And, even though I loved everything, I'm remembering my vow: To only buy those pieces that truly transform my life, I don't already have and could be versatile in a few different looks. Two pieces met that criteria this time around. Read on...

Keeping this. I love Kut from the Kloth. It's a raglan top that is just so perfect for spring and I love the grey and orange. I can wear this with shorts, white denim and black denim or blue denim. I already know I'm bringing this with me to spring training in a few weeks. Sandals, flip flops or jacks will compliment this look easily. Seems like it'd also be a cute top to wear to Xander's t-ball games and practices. $58

LOVED this. I don't have anything like this navy, crepe-y, easy, peazy blazer. With no hardware it's fun and flirty, but will give a lot of different looks an immediate polish. White denim, pencil skirts, denim girlfriend crops, just so many options with this one. Needless to say, I kept it. This is also by Skies Are Blue, and I purchased a cardigan last Fix by Skies Are Blue. $64

I liked these, but didn't keep them. Ultimately, I just couldn't get past the blue tuxedo stripe down the legs. I think it would be just too hard for my brain to diversify. Anything that I paired with the white denim, would have to work back against the navy striping and for $168 I just didn't think I could justify the purchase. I did love the fit though and probably would've considered if they didn't have the striping, but even at $168 I don't think I would have shelled out the coin. It did dawn on me I could wear the cute navy blazer with these, but I had a difficult time making any other looks with pieces I already owned.

So, this is the piece I already had, not this exact piece but something extremely similar.  This piece is also Kut from the Kloth. Back in September, though, I purchased an investment piece, a Laundry by Shelli Segal black pencil skirt with vegan leather inset. Clearly, my stylist already understands me! Didn't keep this solely due to the fact I more or less already had it. $68

Lastly, I wasn't super feeling this scarf. I love lightweight infinity scarves, but I really wasn't loving the print and color scheme on this one, so I returned it. $28

So after all is said and done I kept two pieces this month totaling $122, subtract the $20 styling fee and I spent $102. The top and blazer will augment what I've already got and create some new looks for me instantly.

And PS - I'm getting better with the photos. Work in progress! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cooking Not Blogging

Historically, February is one of my slower months as it pertains to blogging. It could be I'm always slammed at work, or because it's a short month, or maybe both, but don't ever bet on February being a content-rich month for me. Because I've been so slammed with work, and cooking relaxes me and relieves stress, I have been doing a ton of cooking. Busy SWM = lots of cooking = happy SWM, husband and son. And, mostly from one cookbook, Toast to Tidewater from The Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach. This cookbook has been an inspiration - a jumping off point if you will - for some truly great eats I prepared this month....Take a peek....

Curried Chicken and Roasted Cauliflower, page 97 *on this one I omitted the mango chutney and substituted tangerine-pineapple juice for the orange juice.

So I had a ton of extra curry sauce so I reused it by making a Coconut Curry Shrimp Spaghetti. To the sauce from the above recipe, I added coconut cream and more tangerine-pineapple juice. In a skillet, I sauteed white onion, garlic and shrimp in a little butter and white wine. In a pot of bowling, salted water I prepared some spaghetti. I tossed everything together and topped with fresh cilantro. It was so good!

Dijon Maple Pork, page 83. *I omitted the apples from this and instead chose to serve the pork with Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower. 

Champagne Fondue, page 14. *On February 13 we had Xander's godfather and his boyfriend over for dinner for fondue. This was the first time in a long time that we did fondue. It was so fun! Before getting into the written recipe, I sauteed garlic and shallots in butter then added the various cheeses and the champagne. Delectable. I served shrimp, a veggie platter, crusty french bread and uncured hot link sausages and spinach, kalamata and feta chicken sausages alongside a yummy salad with a walnut, balsamic and mustard viniagrette. 

So this was Xander's first time fonduing. He didn't like the dipping so much as he loved eating the food off the spears. 

Banana Poundcake, page 149. *I made the recipe as is, but I finished it off with a hot caramel sauce and served with pure vanilla ice cream. It tasted just like a banana's foster.

And, lastly, this recipe didn't come from the book. I actually made it up. I used my veggie spiralizer and spiralized three small red potatoes, drizzled them with EVOO, salt and pepper, baked them for 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven until crispy and topped with balsamic and blue cheese. These were delicious! This was our snack as we watched Birdman. 

So, I didn't blog this month, because I was busy cooking. The proof is in the pudding, err, I mean the banana caramel poundcake.