Friday, February 5, 2016

Cuff Me Baby

I am so loving  Lenny & Eva . They are totally my style, man. This morning getting ready for work - context being I'm wearing this today: Tunic from Anthro:

Girlfriend jeans from WHBM: 

And these flats: 

Alex said, "you know. you're super eclectic so it'd be hard to pin you down to just one style, but if I had to go with one, I'd say, you've definitely cultivated (okay, jeez get on it with it already I was thinking), a Boho Business look." Boho Business? I phucking love it! Boho Business! Genius. And, I'd say these Lenny & Eva cuffs are totally Boho Business. I'm wearing the large brown leather cuff and crazy big curly hair today to complete the look.

The first time I saw these cuffs was at Ruby's Boutique in Chico. Then I saw them again PB & J Boutique in Chico earlier this year. I just loved them! Then because I have to know the story (I'm so into stories! I LOVE a good story!), I researched the brand and just really felt a connection. You can mix and match the statements to the cuffs which totally intrigued me. Then, one of my friends told me about another boutique that carries them, Bayabelle. And, if you're familiar with Apricot Lane Boutique (Danville, Vacaville, Folsom, Anaheim) I believe some of those locations carry the brand as well. So to date, I have three now:

  • Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of some else...Judy Garland
  • Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles...Charlie Chaplin
  • Luckiest (Because, well, I truly feel this way. I can't believe I'm so lucky to live the incredible life I do. With the way I grew up, I never imagined I would have such a happy life.)

Beside the style, the cuffs are just the epitome of cool mom jewelry. Xander doesn't yank on my jewelry anymore, but God, a kid could yank the crap out of of these cuffs and they'd still never fall off or get damaged. They're built tough and totally childproof.

They're you have it. Love, a Boho Business SWM

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Paging Laney Boggs

This is the first thing I thought of when I discovered Bogs. Laney Boggs. Freddie Prinze, Jr. Kiss me. And, these boots ARE all that. I'm sorry I couldn't resist. But, I am obsessed with these boots. I first bought a pair earlier this month for Xander. He is doing his first ski lesson this weekend up at Northstar with three of his buddies from school and I absolutely loved the pair I bought for him at REI. A fully insulated rain and snow boot specially manufactured for cold...we're talking 30 below! Now that's a serious boot! The neoprene and side handles made the boots snug yet super easy for him to pull on...and let's be honest, his little legs looked so adorable in them. 

Well, then a few days went by, and I couldn't stop thinking about them. Do they make these in my size? Yes. Does REI have a pair for me? No. Where can I get a pair for me? Nordstrom, AmazonBogs. Oh wow! Tons of cool colors and patterns, but I think I just love solid black best....but, I can't spring for $135 right now...but I would sure like to have them for the trip to Northstar. I had just about given up on getting a pair until last Friday in San Francisco....

Hello Sports Basement! After a meeting I was at in the city, I decided to pop into Sports Basement 
in the Presidio. I love Sports Basement. So many awesome things there. Wonder if they have Bogs. To my surprise they did, but they were pretty picked over. They only had about 7 pairs left, all different patterns and of course, no size 9. I was just about ready to leave when I spotted a solid-black pair, out of the box but tags still on in a size 9. No way. Could it be? There was no price on the boots so I took them up front for a price check....These are, let's see, $70. Say what? Yeah, $70. No way. I'll take them. These boots were exactly what I wanted at practically 50 percent off! I seriously could not believe my luck.

Yesterday's storm allowed me to wear the boots for the first time. My God they were so comfortable. It felt like I was walking on a cloud. My feet were totally warm, I never once skidded and I looked super cute. I have two pairs of Hunters, a high and a mid-calf pair and these without a doubt are my new favorite. Even Taylor Vaughn wants a pair of these boots.