Monday, October 20, 2014

Even as Youngsters, the Insults Fly

Over the past few weeks, any phrase intended to be an insult that comes out of Xander's mouth is this: You're a Hot Dog, or a variation of that like this: You look like a Hot Dog....You smell like a Hot Dog....You play baseball like a Hot Dog....You sound like a Hot Dog....You ride your bike like a Hot Dog. It didn't really dawn on me until he uttered all of the aforementioned phrases at me one day. What the hell? Where did he pick this up from? I could see if Alex and I slang the Hot Dog insult around at each other willy nilly, but we don't. While we typically don't insult each other, we freely insult people we think are ridiculous by saying things such as "oh what a stupid ass", or "what a dumbshit." But, no, Xander is not uttering these phrases (thank god, actually!), he is all about the Hot Dogs. I'm guessing this Hot Dog talk is coming from a kid at school. And, I like to think the child's parent one day was so fed up with their fun-loving offspring (cuz, let's be honest, it happens) that they went to call him or her a wiener or even a little dick (cuz let's face it, little girls can be dicks too), caught themselves and instead shouted YOU'RE A HOT DOG! And, that makes me smile. Knowing some parent somewhere out of exasperation shouted that "insult" at their child in lieu of the more adult version seriously cracks me up. A damn shame really because I'm a huge fan of Hot Dogs. I could eat them all day. Seriously. Don't be gross. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Weather Means Risotto

Ever since taking that Williams-Sonoma Risotto class I've had a total bug up my ass to make Risotto once it got cold. Today it was windy, cloudy and indeed rain was/is in the forecast. So asparagus risotto for dinner it was. Now ordinarily, I try to limit my carb intake however, I have the Nike Women's Half Marathon this weekend so I'm doing a little extra carbs this week.

So I followed the tips I learned in my class:

1. Use good EVOO
2. Saute the onion (this time I used shallots)
3. Coat the rice evenly
4. Add one ladle of heated chicken broth at a time
5. Stir vigorously
6. Use European butter

And, I have to say, this risotto was even better than the wild mushroom risotto I made. I blanched the asparagus and added Parmesan, Asiago and Reggiano cheeses to the basic risotto recipe.

Oh my god. So delicious. Oh, and the wine I used this time - both for cooking and drinking - was Menage a Trois Chardonnay....because everyone always needs and loves a good menage a trois......